Planck's first image

Planck is a mission of ESA in which a spacecraft take pictures of the universe.
The spacecraft gives a preview of the all-sky images.

The horizontal light line is the milky way. Red and blue color areas show the strength of the light. That is, the light from red areas is stronger than that from blue areas.


H-IIB Successfully Launched!

As might have been expected, JAXA had succeeded!
H-IIB is developed by JAXA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry as the next rocket. It is based on H-IIA. It is the biggest rocket among Japanese rockets.

HTV(H-II Transfer Vehicle) is set in the rocket. HTV transfers various resources to the international space station.

This is the introduction video of HTV.

If you want to know that more in detail, please go to JAXA's English page.


New Martian Images

I found a lot of new images of the red planet.


They are taken by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
You can enjoy strange views.

For example, there is an image of craters on the land.
This is too long to put it on the blog.

When I saw this image, I remembered Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.


Mars Exploration Videos -variation of landing-

I found an interesting video.

This video is the animation from launch to landing of Mars Exploration Rover (MER).

The particularly important point is the landing of MER. It blew up air bags at landing. It bounced at several times after collision with the land.

I have already heard how MER landed on the land. But, I haven't seen the animation yet.

On the other hand, Phoenix Mars Lander jeted to the land at the landing.
There are various methods to land.
Which method is efficient?



I just knew that you can paste a video on the blog.

I try it.

Well, I will paste a video related H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV).
HTV is a Japanese spacecraft carrying supplies to the International Space Station.


I will introduce some articles with videos from now on.