Private Space Mission to ISS!

At last, the age of private space mission completely has come!
The private space ship, called Dragon, will go to ISS. Although the date to launch was delayed, it is May 7. So it will be soon.

Docking to another spacecraft needs very complicated and difficult techniques. That's the reason why old spacecrafts were mainly controlled by dexterous military pilots. This means the private mission has been developed as well as those administered by governments. In addition, it will show the potentiality of private companies to send spacecrafts to more distant places.


Projected Glaxy

I found this beautiful picture. It is the panorama of the Milky Way.

Credit: ESO/S. Brunier

Yes, it is very beautiful. In addition, I found its projection is equirectangular or plate carree. So I can change this image into equidistant projection using my application!

I felt as if I were in space!

Demo of Azimuthal Projection using Javascript

I said I made the program of azimuthal projection working on the computer several months.
I also made javascript version. Actually, this kind of programming language was new to me. Although I have been using C/C++ which needs compiling, I have never touched any script language.

There were some points I was surprised at. I thought javascript was written in Java, but it is like C language. It also looks like VB because it supports variant type. However, these were not significant for me. The biggest problem was Same Origin Policy or SOP. This policy is for a browser to restrict the work of javascript. If a script is stored at the specific domain, it cannot load any image or files stored at the different domain. Your browser would provide error code like 'Security error" code: "1000'. Finally, I directly wrote the image data in the script. The web service to change image into script was very useful.

Now, here is the script I wrote.
Here is the demo.

There might be a problem for IE because it does not support canvas. If you get the trouble, you can try a program running on your PC.