Demo of Azimuthal Projection using Javascript

I said I made the program of azimuthal projection working on the computer several months.
I also made javascript version. Actually, this kind of programming language was new to me. Although I have been using C/C++ which needs compiling, I have never touched any script language.

There were some points I was surprised at. I thought javascript was written in Java, but it is like C language. It also looks like VB because it supports variant type. However, these were not significant for me. The biggest problem was Same Origin Policy or SOP. This policy is for a browser to restrict the work of javascript. If a script is stored at the specific domain, it cannot load any image or files stored at the different domain. Your browser would provide error code like 'Security error" code: "1000'. Finally, I directly wrote the image data in the script. The web service to change image into script was very useful.

Now, here is the script I wrote.
Here is the demo.

There might be a problem for IE because it does not support canvas. If you get the trouble, you can try a program running on your PC.

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