3D display

Recently, 3D televisions are sold at the store, and many 3D movies can be seen. It was incredible several years ago. It is the symbol of the future technology. But specific glasses are necessary to watch them. The current 3D display needing glasses produces two images, left view and right view. So you can not watch 3D display when you are lying on the couch. This disadvantage may prevent people from buying 3D TV.

The next-generation of 3D TV will solve this problem. Some companies develop the new 3D which the user can watch the display without glasses.

The next one is more clear.

And this one is cell phone companies' display.

These displays are called "Glasses-Free 3D display" "Naked-eye 3D Display" or "Multi-viewpoint 3D display." Although these displays provides only horizontal images, it will be relatively easy to add vertical images. This technology has potential. In a few years, you may be able to watch 3D TV on the couch.

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