Majority of Planets

I feel a touch of fear when I imagine a part of the light emitted from the city can go into the sky and travel in the universe almost forever. Space extends infinitely, and there are an incredible number of stars and planets. It can be supposed that some planets can have lives. The recent astronomical study tells the probability of containing lives may be higher than expected.

In the recent observation, the Earth-sized planets are the majority in the universe.

According to the article of NASA's web site, there are about 46 billion planets similar to Earth in size in the Milky way galaxy. In the tremendous group, some of them are located in the habitable zone, the appropriate distance from the star to have liquid water. So the environment to create life might be not rare. We may be not isolated in space.

Some aliens of the planets might already have recognized the existence of us.

NASA Survey Suggests Earth-Sized Planets are Common

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